Perhaps sharing your personal journey of transformation with a group is not the path you want to embark upon. Good news! One on one private coaching is available as well!

Nourish your body from the insideOut

Our journey together in terms of education will be very similar to the group coaching format over the course of three months. For example, the experience, the foundation, and bonus session are the same. I have included them below in case you missed them!

What makes one on one coaching Different from group coaching?

Private coaching allows the experience of transformation to be entirely personal. We work together to create the foundation that you need for your lifestyle by walking through guided changes over the course of three months. These changes will lead you from feeling confused and confined by our food system to feeling educated, empowered and FREE. You will let go of counting calories, looking for the next quick fix or depriving yourself of food! Knowing how to fuel yourself gives you the freedom to know how to navigate the grocery store, the dinner party or the night out with friends.

For three months you will have:

Full access to me five days a week!!!

I will be available to you Monday through Friday during office hours via email and text to answer any question or troubleshoot any issue you may be having with an action item.

Two One on One Coaching sessions Per month

Two weeks of every month we will meet via telephone for an hour. We will discuss the action items that have been implemented and spend time talking through the changes and transitions that you have been executing. Since these are private sessions you can honest with what is going really well, what is a struggle, and what are you not willing to give up and why!  

Two weekly educational recordings Per month

In between our two coaching sessions you will receive two weekly information and educational recordings (15 mins or less in length) that will provide the information you need to modify lifestyle habits. I’ll keep it light and short so that you can plug me in on the way to work or while you are folding laundry. This is after all about multi-tasking!  These recording will also include action items to be executed and blended into your lifestyle.

Action Items

This is where the change and small shifts in your lifestyle occur. Each week you will be executing and blending the assigned action items into your lifestyle. An added bonus to private coaching is the ability to amend or add on to the action items.

Transformational Checkpoints

At the completion of each month you will receive homework that helps you to reflect on the shifts you have made in your lifestyle and how they are impacting you.



I adore surprises! There are so few surprises left in life, so when given the opportunity to create surprises (big or small), I take advantage of it! After the completion of your private coaching program I will surprise you with lunch at one of my favorite destinations for fueling up with the most delicious nutrient dense meal! You will leave lunch wishing you could dine there everyday….and honestly you could!

Bonus recorded session

Snacks! Why snacking actually is your best friend and why you need to snack everyday. How often do you need to snack? What do healthy quick portable snacks look like? This bonus session is essential to keeping all the other changes in check, you never want to be starving or you will be quick to step outside of the guardrails on nutrition we are creating over the 3 months together!

When you complete your personal journey with me: 

You will have redefined what healthy looks like to YOU!

You will have created a healthy nutritional foundation for your lifestyle.  

You will have fostered a new relationship with yourself and food so that you feel need to nourish it with nutrient dense foods.

You will know how and when to fuel your body post workout. 

You will have the tools and knowledge to navigate every meal of your day so that when you go to the grocery store or out to eat with friends you will just be living your life and not worrying about the chains of a diet, the latest fad or label. You will know what balance looks like for you and be able to execute on a daily basis. 

You will feel energized, clear minded, joyful and well rested and these are just a few of the physical benefits!  

You will feel FREE!.  


If you can see a need for each of the above in your life, and you are ready to transform the way you choose to nourish your body with the fuel that you feed it, then fill out the form below.  Let’s chat about joining me in this 3 month journey and know that you will be forever changed by the decisions you make about your food and the way you treat your body.

Interested In A Healthier Nutritional Foundation And A More Sustainable Lifestyle?

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