Fueling your body like it belongs to someone you love!

Welcome to finding the freedom you were designed to feel with every meal, every snack, every piece of food that you choose to put in your mouth! We are letting go of counting calories, because let’s face it they are not all created the same! This is not 30 days of drinking your powdered meal through a straw and losing 20 pounds, only to gain 30 pounds back in 30 days.

Looking for a day by day or hour by hour meal plan?  NOT HERE!  This is YOU and ME. This is an accountability plan. As your coach I’ll walk you through this extremely confusing food system we live in and provide the guardrails of nutrition to YOUR lifestyle.

What can you accomplish in 90 days?

Loving yourself from the INSIDE OUT everyday! Are you ready to be a little bit (or maybe a lot) different from your friends, family, and co-workers? Of course you are already uniquely YOU but what if everyone started noticing that you are doing things a little bit different.

Choosing foods that are little different from everyone else, or choosing to not consume what everyone else is because you love yourself too much to even consider putting certain “foods” on your fork. Ready to be a leader in the food movement amongst your friends, peers, and family?

What are you getting yourself into when you sign up to be part of this group?

Fueling your body like it belongs to someone you love is a supported process and begins with 7 days of Foundational changes. Yes, you will be eating food, not starving yourself or drinking some magic elixirs! You will be making some shifts in your diet and lifestyle that are necessary for the program to be effective.

Each day you will receive an email with the daily Foundational change to implement. You’ll be part of a private FB group that offers support from me but also from each other. You will feel energized, clear and light after those 7 days and be ready to make lifestyle shifts that will have you feeling cleanse worthy everyday.

This program Includes:

  • Three Weekly information and educational recordings (10 mins or less in length) that will provide the information you need to modify lifestyle habits. I’ll keep it light and short so that you can plug me in on the way to work or while you are folding laundry. This is after all about multi-tasking!
  • Action items to be executed and blended into your lifestyle.
  • Weekly emails that contain bonus educational nuggets. Print it out if you are old school like me or save it to your desktop/iPad/kindle Fire for future reference.
  • Monthly transformational checkpoints (aka homework).
  • One week of every month will be the feedback loop. One hour with ME! We will meet via web conference to talk about the action items that have been suggested over the previous three weeks. We will spend time talking through those weeks and check in with each of you to discuss how the changes and transitions are going. What is going really well, what is a struggle, and what are you not willing to give up and why!  Let’s talk and let’s be okay with honesty (no sugar coating).


I adore surprises!  There are so few surprises left in life, so when given the opportunity to create surprises (big or small), I take advantage of it! 

Each month after the completion of our web meeting there will be a surprise location we will meet at that will tie in with the monthly content that we have covered.  Location and meal to enjoy as a group will be revealed during the web meeting (for a future date).  So if you love surprises you won’t want to miss our calls together each month!!

Bonus recorded session:

Snacks! Why snacking actually is your best friend and why you need to snack everyday.  How often do you need to snack? What do healthy quick portable snacks look like? This bonus session is essential to keeping all the other changes in check, you never want to be starving or you will be quick to step outside of the guardrails on nutrition we are creating over the 3 months together!

Time for action

When you complete this program:

  • You will have created a healthy nutritional foundation for your lifestyle.  
  • You will no longer be confused or feel frustrated by this food system we have to navigate everyday that does not have our best health in its interest.  
  • You will have the tools and knowledge to navigate every meal of your day so that when you go to the grocery store or out to eat with friends you will just be living your life and not worrying about the chains of a diet, the latest fad or label. You will know what balance looks like for you and be able to execute on a daily basis. 
  • You will feel energized, clear minded, joyful and well rested and these are just a few of the physical benefits!  
  • You will feel FREE!


Interested in a healthier nutritional foundation and a more sustainable lifestyle?

Enjoy a 30 minute FREE Phone Consult with me to discuss which program might be right for you.  

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