My Story

I distinctly remember sitting in a doctor’s office one day in my former life as a pharmaceutical sales rep listening to a physician talk about prescribing another new diabetes drug that was for all intensive purposes the same as the one the patient had been on and he was hoping for different results. Not at any time did he mention or ask the patient what their meals consisted of on a daily basis. It was then, after spending six years in the diabetes pharmaceutical world and seeing multiple medications come to market for the same disease that I realized there had to be another way to address the multiple chronic diseases that, according to many physicians, are self manifested. Physicians are aware that food is a huge contributing factor to the many health issues that affect Americans every day. However, none of these physicians were trained or even comfortable talking to their patients about the foods they were eating and how they were literally feeding their chronic diseases. I knew that I wanted to gain the knowledge necessary to help individuals learn what it means to nourish your body and support your bodies natural systems.

My clarity

Parallel to this epiphany that I needed to leave the world of pharmaceuticals I was experiencing my own struggles with my body.   

After the birth of my second child I endured a very personal struggle to lose my baby weight.  I had always exercised pre-pregnancy, and during pregnancy, only to increase the intensity post pregnancy.  However, the way I was fueling my body pre and post workout was leaving me fatigued and frustrated.  I thought I knew what healthy eating looked like until I enrolled in The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  My own health transformation began, after learning over 100 dietary theories and focusing on proper nutrition for not only myself but also my family. Not only did I drop all of my baby weight and more, I was more energized, in shape and well rested!  

My first client

My husband who is an endurance athlete in cyclocross racing took notice of my transformation and was curious what it could do for his amateur cyclocross career.  So I agreed to take him on as a client and of course a test subject! He is a natural athlete and was always a strong contender and top 15 finisher most years during the season.  However, after undergoing a major transformation to whole food nutrition for proper fueling during training and racing he finished first in the state of NC in his division and ranked number one in the nation for his age group and category!  I of course take all of the credit for his success! I believe that your workout regime deserves the proper protection and that starts with knowing what foods to nourish your body with to support your endurance and recovery.   

My passion

Through my personal transformation I have found the JOY in nourishing my body with whole foods and I want to help my clients get to that same place.  Most people choose foods to make them happy…for that moment.  However, happiness is circumstantial just as the food of the moment changes, so too does your happiness.  When I truly learned and understood the connection between nourishing foods and the effect they had on my mood, focus, energy and overall well being I realized that true joy could be found in food.  What can be more joyful that giving your body exactly what it needs to function in the best way possible?  Coaching clients through that process and to find that JOY is so important to me.  It is something that I hope I am instilling in my two young girls each day.  Everyday is not perfect and it does not need to be.  It is the cumulative effect of what you do the majority of the time that matters most.  

Just a few fun facts about Who I Really Am!

I am a wife of 8 years and counting to a man who loves me and supports me in every aspect of my life.  He is always willing to try a new food or lifestyle shift in the name of “client research”.

I am a mother to two sweet and feisty girls who are independent when they want to be and high maintenance on most days (I will own that).  My Health Coaching career works around them and their needs.  They are the reason I am so passionate about helping people learn to love their bodies from the InsideOut.  I want my girls to have the nutritional guardrails and tools to keep them healthy, happy and energized throughout their life.

I am a Health Coach.  Well, technically I am a Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach; this according to my school of study, Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  However, I find Health Coach is a much easier title to remember!

I run an empire!  At least, that is how I feel on most days and I am sure you do too!  I am the main coordinator for all activity that takes place in our home and in our lives.  I am the accountant, the grocery shopper, the meal planner, the chef, the clothes folder, the errand runner, the lunch packer, the multi-tasker who never seems to get every task done and searching for that perfect balance that I have realized only exists for one minute of everyday….but through all my daily Emperor duties I MAKE the time to nourish my body with nutrient dense foods and partake in some sort of physical activity (I love yoga, barre and spin) to protect this one precious body I have been blessed with.

Ready to be joyful in nourishing your body? Let me empower you with enough knowledge that you can create long lasting sustainable habits that can create true happiness in your life!

I look forward to getting to know YOU and who you REALLY are!