This is Not a Diet!

Diets, Fads, Shakes, Challenges, Cleanses, etc., create restrictions and only work for a short period of time. When the diet is over or is no longer sustainable you go back to the same lifestyle that led you to seek out the latest trend in dieting to begin with. STOP the madness and hop off the perpetual diet hamster wheel! What you need is an understanding of what a healthy nutritional foundation is for your lifestyle.

I want to show you to fuel your body like it belongs to someone you love! You do not need to buy into the idea that there has to be some dietary label you can follow so that you know what to eat for every meal of every day! I want you to know why you need to eat certain foods, eliminate particular foods and how to listen to your body to find the balance of nutrition that works for you!

During our partnership my clients develop a deeper knowledge of food, the quality of food, and lifestyle choices that affect their food choices. I guide my clients to implement sustainable lifestyle changes that will create a balance that improves their energy, clarity of thought, sleep and overall health. 

When we are done working together I want you to have the attitude of "I deserve to feel amazing and I am NEVER going back to my past lifestyle!"